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Python Developer (Junior / Graduate, full time, Oxford, initially remote)

We’re looking for a graduate or junior Python Developer to join our team in the heart of Oxford. We are an award winning, full service digital agency, which means you will get to work on a diverse and challenging portfolio whilst supporting teammates and driving innovation.

You will have a computer science, or equivalent degree; you spent some of your time working with Python and, ideally, Django. If you are a junior, you have at least 1 year of commercial experience.

This role will see you join a multidisciplinary team looking after our Python and Django projects. You are looking to grow and will have the opportunity to test and strengthen your knowledge in some interesting areas. You’ll also have the chance to research and drive innovative approaches for clients and internal projects alike. Finally, you are keen to be given some space to grow; exploring options for projects, diving into architectural concepts, or trying your hand at solving problems you spot inn a project. 

Your responsibilities will include:


  • Python / Django application development
  • Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Presenting your work to your teammates
  • Striving to grow and improve

You will have:


  • You are fluent in Python - with or without Stack Overflow assistance.

  • You hold basic knowledge of a low(er) level language - you cannot forget memory management.

  • You have found the right end of an SQL database.

  • You have heard of Docker and have an opinion about it.

  • You would create your own server/library, because it's fun

  • You would skim the tutorial and start experimenting rather than take a full course

  • You fail at time management, but take the time to keep trying - because it is important

  • You already have an idea of what would need doing next.

  • You have dabble in Django

  • Great communication skills; written and face to face

  • Pride in code quality and an interest in test-driven development

You might have (but it’s not a deal breaker):


  • Experience with PHP development
  • Comfortable with day-to-day sysadmin tasks on Linux via command line
  • You’ve integrated a couple of APIs

Salary and Benefits:


This role has a competitive starting salary based on experience. Global Initiative believes in paying fair salaries and is an equal opportunities employer.

We have a wide range of benefits which can be seen at


But if you’re interested, the top 3 things our staff love about working here are:


  • The variety of projects and technologies we get to use and try
  • A strong ethos around healthy work / life balance
  • A collaborative, supportive environment of team-building


No agencies, please.

Things about us to make you even happier:


  • Very competitive salaries
  • 5 days paid sick leave
  • 4% matched company pension scheme
  • Cash health plan
  • A huge variety of projects and technologies to keep you interested every day
  • A strong culture of work / life balance. We’re strongly encouraged to go home at 17:30
  • Opportunities to gain experience in new fields
  • A collaborative, supportive environment of team-building
  • A company that contributes to worthy causes and projects
  • An airy, spacious office right in the very heart of Oxford city
  • Takeaway Tuesdays
  • Games Nights
  • Hack days


We're a lovely bunch of people that care about each other's improvement so you will find yourself exploring new technologies and ideas in no time.


Wait, you don't think you're right for the role but have a burning passion for all things digital? Then you should be in touch and tell us what we're missing out on!