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Python Developer (Mid-Weight)

We’re looking for a Python Developer to join our team in the heart of Oxford. We are an award winning, full service digital agency, which means you will get to work on a diverse and challenging portfolio whilst supporting teammates and driving innovation.

You will have at least 2 years of commercial experience; you will have experience working with the Django framework; you’ve mentored others (or are ready to), and; you may have contributed to an open source project or done some level of public speaking at some sort of tech event. You’ve dabbled in devops and / or sysadmin tasks.

This role will see you join a multidisciplinary team and looking after some Python and Django based projects, but focussing on one major health tech project. You are looking to grow and will have the opportunity to test and strengthen your leadership and mentoring skills. You’ll also have the chance to research and drive innovative approaches for clients and internal projects alike.

As a new hire, you will take an active part in the lifecycle of the lead project, from the design of new features to the implementation and maintenance of the code's logical consistency.

You will be expected to ensure that good code practices are applied and respected both in your own code and those of your colleagues. In addition, you will find yourself the custodian of the project's documentation and configuration. You will also stand as the main contact point for any support requests that come as part of day-to-day operations.

Finally, you will be comfortable interacting with clients during requirement gathering sessions and demonstrations.


  • You are good at enforcing processes and picturing large systems at the mesoscopic scale.



  • You have solid core python skills and are not afraid to face an unknown system.
  • You are familiar with best code practices and will not shy from doing things in an unconventional manner when appropriate.
  • You have a good sense of algorithmic complexity and scalability concerns.


Architecture and Frameworks

  • You have had hands-on experience with non-monolithic codebases and systems (preferably involving Kubernetes).
  • You have built and deployed a custom Docker container before.
  • Bonus point if you have ever touched Bazel.


Supporting Skills

  • You understand the point and need for a functional documentation and are able to maintain one.
  • You feel at home with common development tools (Git, IDEs, etc...)
  • You are not afraid of Linux (all work is carried on Ubuntu 20.04)

Things about us to make you even happier:


  • Very competitive salaries
  • 5 days paid sick leave
  • 4% matched company pension scheme
  • Cash health plan
  • A huge variety of projects and technologies to keep you interested every day
  • A strong culture of work / life balance. We’re strongly encouraged to go home at 17:30
  • Opportunities to gain experience in new fields
  • A collaborative, supportive environment of team-building
  • A company that contributes to worthy causes and projects
  • An airy, spacious office right in the very heart of Oxford city
  • Takeaway Tuesdays
  • Games Nights
  • Hack days


We're a lovely bunch of people that care about each other's improvement so you will find yourself exploring new technologies and ideas in no time.


Wait, you don't think you're right for the role but have a burning passion for all things digital? Then you should be in touch and tell us what we're missing out on!