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Senior Digital Designer

We are looking for a strong visual and user experience leader in digital design to guide the company and ancillary projects through a period of renewed growth. The ideal candidate will have several years’ experience in mid-weight role(s) in agency or in-house teams, expressing:


  • Natural leadership, especially when ideating and communicating project vision
  • Strong experience in digital wireframing
  • Confidence running creative teams to build interface designs, brand and communications pieces, and concept planning
  • Experience of managing user research programmes
  • Comfort in pitching new ideas on the spot in client interviews

Our team will benefit from your creative leadership, providing consistency and cultural rigour. To that end, we are looking for someone who will have the ambition to move into a Creative Director role within a few years.

We are entering the most exciting series of changes in our company’s history. There are a number of branches that will need creating, expanding or building.

Things about us to make you even happier:


  • Very competitive salaries
  • 5 days paid sick leave
  • 4% matched company pension scheme
  • Cash health plan
  • A huge variety of projects and technologies to keep you interested every day
  • A strong culture of work / life balance. We’re strongly encouraged to go home at 17:30
  • Opportunities to gain experience in new fields
  • A collaborative, supportive environment of team-building
  • A company that contributes to worthy causes and projects
  • An airy, spacious office right in the very heart of Oxford city
  • Takeaway Tuesdays
  • Games Nights
  • Hack days


We're a lovely bunch of people that care about each other's improvement so you will find yourself exploring new technologies and ideas in no time.


Wait, you don't think you're right for the role but have a burning passion for all things digital? Then you should be in touch and tell us what we're missing out on!