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UI / UX Designer - Oxford, Full Time

We are looking for a new UI/UX designer to join our award-winning creative team. You will join our Creative Chapter, which is made up of our design and front end dev teams. We create complex, web-based software, mobile apps, and GUIs for custom hardware. Have a look at our portfolio and case studies to get a sense of what makes us award winning.

As a UX/UI designer with a few years’ experience, you will have an interest in evidence-based, human-centred design of digital interfaces and experiences. You find data interesting and have experience of presenting dry data in engaging and imaginative ways. You may have come from a design or developer background, but you know that good UX underpins the delivery and communication of a project.

Your go-to tools include:


  • Workshops; to gather requirements, create collaborative design, and gain a user’s perspective of your work.
  • UX and UI designs; you are comfortable translating requirements into wireframes or concept designs in software such as Axure, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Zeplin, or XD – you understand when to apply different levels of fidelity.
  • Research; you help gather data on why your concepts are effective, and how they can be improved.
  • Inclusivity; you understand and promote accessibility needs and the principles of inclusive design.

Ideally, your experience includes more than one of:  


  • Running workshops with stakeholders
  • Successful delivery of complex projects across multiple platforms
  • Reviewing and reporting on existing products and how they could be improved
  • Writing compelling reports on the what and the why of your proposed concepts
  • Comfortable with various design and wireframing tools

We are looking to grow in 2021, and you will help lead the UX research, design, and development in our Creative Chapter. You will help guide the creation of highly intuitive GUIs, along with our designer and front end team.

The Role and Responsibilities:


  • You will meet and communicate with clients to gather requirements, feedback, and to pitch concepts.
  • Translate requirements into wireframes, in Axure and XD, and present your concepts to stakeholders.
  • Create personas, users journeys, and site maps.
  • Work on multiplatform applications – sometimes on custom platforms.
  • Collaborate with designers and front end developers to create achievable yet ambitious concepts.
  • Liaise with the project management team, directors, and directly with clients/stakeholder to ensure the requirements and business value objects are met.
  • Run workshops to gather user feedback.
  • Compile and report back on UI/UX concepts.
  • Write reports for briefs, proposals, and discovery phases.
  • Guide UX interpretation and UI implementation with the design and front end teams.
  • Keep up to date with technological innovations and tools.

Things about us to make you even happier:


  • Very competitive salaries
  • 5 days paid sick leave
  • 4% matched company pension scheme
  • Cash health plan
  • A huge variety of projects and technologies to keep you interested every day
  • A strong culture of work / life balance. We’re strongly encouraged to go home at 17:30
  • Opportunities to gain experience in new fields
  • A collaborative, supportive environment of team-building
  • A company that contributes to worthy causes and projects
  • An airy, spacious office right in the very heart of Oxford city
  • Takeaway Tuesdays
  • Games Nights
  • Hack days


We're a lovely bunch of people that care about each other's improvement so you will find yourself exploring new technologies and ideas in no time.


Wait, you don't think you're right for the role but have a burning passion for all things digital? Then you should be in touch and tell us what we're missing out on!