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Global Initiative is a leading digital agency holding multiple national awards in software development, user experience and web design.

We've built a broad base of experience in our 20 years of growth, working in sectors as diverse as digital health, fintech, education, and social enterprise. We've also been trying to make the world a better place, which is why we set up our own Social Digital Fund to funnel value back into society.



We practice evidence-based design using an Agile project management style employing Scrum and Lean methodologies.
What does this mean? It means less waste and more value.
Imagine a team which doesn't have endless meetings, where building customer value into work is a culture, not an afterthought. Picture a project where experts across the board work intimately with clients to achieve a goal, fluidly incorporating new ideas as they do so. Imagine this, but where it doesn't cost you the earth. 

This is lean.



We have a strong and flexible team of developers and a rich history of solving commercial challenges for our clients which means we both understand the issues businesses face on a daily basis and love the unique stimulation of developing ideas and solving problems.

We are particularly keen on working with organisations who are both entrepreneurial and who have a vision to make positive changes to social, environmental, educational or medical infrastructure, much like some of these clients we have been proud to work with.

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