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Smart Handpumps case study

Smart Handpumps

How can you tell which of a million pumps needs maintenance?

UX & UI Design

Software Development

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Finalist: PENNA 2018, Support for Caregivers

Runner-Up: WMAHSN 2019, Supporting Self Care & Prevention of Illness

Highly Commended: BMA Patient Information Awards 2019, User Engagement

Runner-Up: BMA Patient Information Awards 2019, Community Care

Care Companion case study

Care Companion

Where do you find resources and support when caring for someone?

Brand Identity

Online Software

UX & UI Design


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Winner: PENNA 2018, Patient Communication
Highly Commended: BMA Patient Information Awards 2018, Information for Children
Runner-up: PENNA 2018, Innovative Technology

Hetty's Hospital case study

Hetty's Hospital

How do you prepare children when visiting hospital for the first time?


Game Development

App for iOS & Android

Brand Identity



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Winner: £25k Skoll Venture Award

Winner: €25k Toyota Inclusive Mobility Startup

As seen on the BBC and ITV

Sociability case study


How can you find out how accessible a venue is, before you get there?

Product Consultancy

UX Design

Accessible UI Design

App for iOS & Android

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$1 million raise


Afro Avenue

How do you build a community-based shop-of-shops platform to rival Amazon?

Online Software

UX & UI Design

iOS & Android Apps

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2 rounds Series A funding from Parkwalk and OSI

OU IT Innovation Seed Fund

OU Teaching Project Award

Inkpath case study


How can you track and record your career development?

Apps for iOS & Android

Brand Identity

Video explainers

UX & UI design

Strategy Consultancy

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Founder wins Prime Minister's "Point of Light" Award

As seen on the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and WIRED

Greater Change case study

Greater change

Directly giving to rough sleepers in an ever-growing cashless society.

App for iOS & Android

Brand Identity

Marketing Website

UX & UI design

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