Greater change

Directly giving to rough sleepers in an ever-growing cashless society.

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    App for iOS & Android

    Brand Identity

    Marketing Website

    UX & UI design

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    Oxford University Innovation CrowdFunding

    Global Initiative Social Fund

Greater Change is an app and website to help donate directly to rough sleepers in an ever-growing cashless society. It was funded by our Social Digital Support Fund, Oxford University Innovations, and crowdfunding. The Greater Change app is a collection of campaigns that describe individuals' situations, goals, and financial targets. Through contactless payments, the public is able to help provide rent deposits, skills courses, and identification documents for those in need. 

Founder wins Prime Minister's "Point of Light" Award

As seen on the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and WIRED

Greater Change case study


Rough sleepers are amongst the most vulnerable people in society. Just making it through the day with enough to eat is tough. Escape often seems an impossible dream. Even the kindness of strangers is drying up as we move to a cashless society; most rough sleepers don't have a bank account of any kind.
  • Money can go missing or stolen
  • We live in an ever-growing cashless society
  • Giving first hand just helps with day-to-day needs
  • Don’t know where the donated money is going


Greater Change is an app and website to help users donate directly to rough sleepers in a cashless society, ensuring responsible spending and helping escape from homelessness. Through contactless payments, we are able to provide rent deposits, skills courses, and identification documents for those in need.
  • Money is kept safe for the individual
  • Donate straight from your mobile phone using a QR code
  • Providing long term support to help the individual get back on their feet
  • See exactly where your money is going

Our approach

Naturally, the topic of rough-sleeping and direct public donations can provoke strong sentiments. We were sensitive to the risk that we could actually cause harm to those most in need if we were to enter this project without due consideration of the needs of every single stakeholder. So, we started on the assumption that we didn't know the topic well enough and should rely on the advice of specialist support agencies.

Alex came to us with an idea

A University of Oxford undergraduate, Alex McCallion, approached us directly with the concept of a tool to allow the public to donate to an individual digitally, using only their phone. To overcome the challenge of ensuring responsible spending, he envisioned a shared bank account, with each donation tagged to the individual. Some of this would be immediately available to the beneficiary with the rest put in a longer-term account to help build up a reserve to go towards long-term housing.

At the time, there was interest from a couple of banks in providing the account facilities, but beyond that, there were no funds and no specification. This was a perfect project for our Social Digital Support Fund to help with. We took the decision to kick off with a brand identity, design and user story sprint, in order that he could go on to crowdfund for the full project.

Oxford University Innovations were invaluable in their support in setting up and running the crowdfunding campaign, which raised very successfully.
Approach idea
Enabling someone to get back on their feet, save money and rebuild their life
As well as direct giving on the street, the website also provides campaigns for individuals to describe their situation, goals and financial targets. All beneficiaries are vetted for authenticity and often supported by a number of local agencies.
Our process

Making conversation

The first step is to understand the real needs of each an every kind of stakeholder; the rough-sleepers, the giving public, the agencies giving ancillary support, to get their take on the best ways to do sustainable good.
Making conversation

Researching the field

Not unsurprisingly, there are a growing number of innovations and initiatives to tackle the same problems throughout the country. It's vital to understand where solutions are working and failing so we can limit our time in the discovery phase.
Researching the field

Collaborations with charities

The real knowledge comes from those who work in the sector day on day. We ended up spending a lot of time in workshops with several local charities and agencies who had more practical experience in programme design.
Collaborations with charities

Wireframing to test the concept

The website and app serve different purposes, so in this case we had to build two separate clickable wireframes. The mobile wireframe was used to demonstrate the concept to raise funds through an ultimately successful crowdfunding campaign managed by Oxford University Innovations.
Wireframing to test the concept
How it works

1Choose either an individual or a cause

Choose to donate to either an individual in need of support or a general cause such as sleeping bags, food or shelter.
Choose either an individual or a cause

2Get to know who you are supporting

Each individual has a bio about them with why they need your help, so you can get to know them before you donate.
Get to know who you are supporting

3You have control over how much you donate

You can choose how much you want to donate up to £200, knowing every penny is going to to that cause.
You have control over how much you donate

4Help reach their target

See how much the individual needs in order to reach their goal, whether thats for a deposit for rent, or to buy a suit for an interview
Help reach their target


Global Initiative's immense support on this project has been invaluable, both in providing a significant proportion of the funding through their Social Fund, but also as gifted and driven technology partners.

Alex McCallion, Founder, Greater Change
Dash line

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