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Cobalt Resolve

Cobalt Light makes scanning equipment for government agencies and related security providers. They make several versions of scanner, one of which is a handheld device to scan the contents of suspicious objects. Cobalt Resolve is a handheld scanner for detecting explosives, narcotics and hazardous materials. It is used in the most extreme environments.

Now, we don't use words like 'revolutionise' lightly; we hate hyperbole as much as anyone, but when Cobalt Light approached us, they were after something completely different. The scanning industry is full of complex, technical, unintuitive interface and when the thing in front of you might be a bomb, you're into knowing about it. Quickly. They asked us to design a cutting-edge, intuitive user experience for their new line of handheld scanners. These were to be used in the most extremely testing environments imaginable, where simple yet accurate data delivered on demand is absolutely vital.

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