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KFC Social Campaigns

KFC were looking to kick off a new fresh approach to social marketing with a very specific design appeal and target audience. They heard of our experience and were interested to see if our approach and ideas matched their vision for the following 6 months. With the majority of KFC's advertising created with a professional finish they wanted something with a creative, consumer look.

The success of the Rio Bites campaign is evident from the volume of interaction and the engagement rates which were above average based on Facebook’s standards for a company of its size. The Zinger has been more impressive yet in only its first release hitting engagement rates of 13.65% and smashing the high average recommendation by Facebook, at 0.99%. The best bit is that our cost per interaction is tiny in comparison to expected levels for KFC. For example, the cost per video completion was 8 times less than expected: just 2 pence each. Now that is finger lickin' good!

Rio Bites Expected versus actual Various Social Posts Engagement Hot faces 8 times cheaper
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